Benny Norling: “SAT>IP brings TV to every screen”


Program highlights of Levira’s 5th Broadcasting Conference “Fresh Connections”

Levira’s 5th Digital Broadcasting Conference “Fresh Connections” in August 2013 in Tallinn will bring together experts from different countries all over the world to listen to exciting presentations, hear about the latest trends in technology, and exchange views and experience.

Benny Norling, General Manager at SES ASTRA AB, will present SAT>IP, a new communication protocol for the reception and distribution of satellite signals. SAT>IP effectively translates TV signals from the satellite (DVB-S and DVB-S2) into signals for use on internet-based devices in the IP world. This way, the entire satellite household can be provided with TV programmes on tablets, PCs, laptops, smartphones, connected TVs, game consoles and media players.

Other speakers include Janet Anne West, Richard Kastelein, Guy Bisson, to name a few, who you will be hearing during two great days in Tallinn in August. More about the program please find at:

The conference will also be live streamed on the Internet. Please stay tuned for further information.
Levira’s 5th Digital Broadcasting Conference Fresh Connections” will take place on 22-23 August 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia. Participation is free of charge if registered before August 15th 2013.

For online registration visit: