Broadcast Industry leaders of Europe get together in Tallinn, Estonia


Over 200 broadcasting industry leaders from over 25 countries around the Europe shall gather to Tallinn, Estonia, where Levira’s 4th Digital Broadcasting Conference “Being Digital” is to take place on August 25th – 26th 2011

Two days event in Tallinn shall give a broad coverage of all important aspects in Digital Broadcasting with a particular attention on today’s important topics: Analogue Switch-Off, Digitalization, Archiving & Tapeless Production, On-Demand and OTT Services and much more.

Among speakers there are a number of industry leaders, including Mr. Benny Norling from SES Astra, Mr. Torkel Thoresen from Telenor, Mr. Jeffers Engelhardt from Amherst College, Mr. Peter Knidelberger from Rohde&Schwarz, Mr. Martin Blum from Snell Group, Mr. Mark Errington from Oasys, Mr. Clyde DeSouza from Real Vision, Mr. Carl von Eckermann from SeaChange, Mr. Olivier Dwelshauvers from EVS, Mr. Simon Adler from AmberFin and many others.

Fascinating topics, comprehensive agenda, outstanding speakers and a friendly atmosphere have characterised all Levira’s Conferences, so will it be also this year.

Live coverage of the Conference shall be also available over the Internet.

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