Eurovision Song Contest in HD over DTT @5,5 Mbps


Estonian Public Television in cooperation with DTT network operator Levira Ltd launched a temporary HD channel in Estonian DTT network for Eurovision Song Contest week. 2009 Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals as well as a final from Moscow were transmitted in HD format in FTA Multiplex (MUX-1) making HD first time available for whole population of the country. MUX-1 is covering 100% of the territory of Estonia and there are 6 FTA channels in MPEG-4 AVC format transmitted regularly.

What makes current transmission special, is a technology used for encoding and bandwidth needed for transmission. Levira in a cooperation with a Russian software company Elecard, based in Tomsk, have developed a software based encoding solution allowing to transmit 720p HD programming over DTT with as low bandwidth as 5,5 Mbps (sic!) without compromising on the quality. Current achievement can be considered as a true breakthrough for HD over DTT since this technology allows to deliver at least 4 HD TV-channels over one DTT multiplex.

Come and see and feel it yourself!

Software based encoding solution as well as several other new solutions shall be demonstrated at Levira’s 3rd Digital Broadcasting Conference and Exhibition on August 27th-28th in Tallinn, Estonia. Conference is free for attendees and it shall take a close look at today’s hot topics and challenges: Tapless workflow and Digitalization, HD and 3D, On-Demand services, Analogue switchover, Mobile TV and others. All presentations shall have simultaneous translation into Russian and/or English. Outstanding speaker list includes Mr Adrian Scott, Principal of Bakewell House Consultancy from UK, Mr Patric Babin, CEO of TDF Group from France, Mr. Mark Errington, CEO of OnAir Systems from UK, Mr John Strand, CEO of Strand Consult from Denmark, Keith Potter, CEO of Digital TV Labs from UK, Aleksey Polyakov, Head of R&D of Elecard Devices from Russia, Oleksandr Pivnyuk, Vice President of RRT Concern from Ukraine and many more. For more information please visit conference website at

Fascinating topics, comprehensive agenda, outstanding speakers and a friendly atmosphere will secure two excellent days in a beautiful Tallinn. The event is not characterised by its size, but by its professional and personal environment. You simply wouldn’t like to miss it!

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