Levira continues to expand in CEE region


Levira continues the company´s expansion in CEE region and has increased its sales resources to meet the expected growth. In relation to that, Gabriel Cocean has been appointed Sales Executive for Playout and Media Management Services, in addition to Plamen Yankov who joined the team earlier this year.

“The Central and Eastern Europe is the key region for the continued expansion of Levira,” commented Indrek Lepp, Director of the Division of Media Services. “Therefore we are delighted to welcome Gabriel to our sales team. I am confident that Gabriel´s experience will help us achieve our goals in the CEE area.“

“I am thrilled to be a part of Levira’s Division of Multimedia Services. This is a rare opportunity to join a stable and highly competitive player in the broadcast industry. I will capitalize the knowledge and experience gained in technology business development to help Levira move to the next level and to become the preferred broadcaster in the CEE region and beyond,” said Gabriel Cocean.

Gabriel has previously worked with IPTV software provider Espial and technology leader Oracle. In both companies he held various technology sales and business development positions with the focus on the CEE region.

About Levira

Levira is the provider of infrastructure services to Media, IT and Telecom industries. Levira is the largest independent provider of TV playout services in the Northern Europe and the main TV- and radio broadcast transmission service provider in Estonia. Levira operates one of the largest datacentres in Estonia and provides public and private cloud services in collaboration with Joyent.

Levira’s state-of-the-art fully automated Playout system gives an utmost flexibility to provide the exact and only those services that are requested by each customer. Today 24 HD and SD TV-channels to Scandinavian, Baltic, Benelux and Sub-Saharan African markets are aired from Levira’s facility in Tallinn.

Levira with HQ in Tallinn, Estonia is jointly owned by Estonian State and TDF Group.


Helen Saluveer
Communication and Marketing specialist
AS Levira