Outside broadcast services


OB Services

Mobile outdoor broadcast vehicles are equipped with HD-cameras and a variety of long as well as wide angle lenses, which are very well suited for all different kinds of small and large productions ranging from sports to live shows and concerts. Services include all necessary technical facilities and equipment to fulfil the needs for any kind of production in HD and/or SD formats.

We offer full service for Multilateral as well as for Unilateral productions.

Highly professional, multilingual technical staff with extensive and diverse experience in outside broadcasting are a part of the basic service. Experienced directors, editors, cameramen and other creative staff are also available on request.

Contacts: ob@levira.ee

SNG Services

Compact HD/SD SNG vans with an EBU certified uplink for the Ku-band and with basic HD/SD production facilities are suitable for all types of smaller events: news, sports events, concerts, press conferences, elections and other events irregardless of time and place. We offer digital satellite uplink service to customers who value quality and flexibility.

Levira’s advantages are quality equipment, competitive pricing, reliable service, highly motivated and experiencedmultilingual staff, and high customer satisfaction.

HD1 technical specification

HD2 technical specification

HD3 technical specification

Contacts: sng@levira.ee

Production references


          • Eurobasket 2011 final tournament in 6 cities in Lithuania as HB for Viasat
          • EuroBasket 2015 final tournament first round in Riga, Latvia as HB for FIBA
          • EuroBasket 2011 final tournament in 6 cities in Lithuania as HB for FIBA/Viasat
          • Women EuroBasket 2009 final tournament in Liepaja and Riga for Viasat
          • 2015 Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal tournament in Pärnu, Estonia
          • FIFA WC qualification matches in Estonia and Latvia for SportFive
          • UEFA Ch. League and Europa League matches in Finland, Latvia and Estonia
          • UEFA Ch. League Final in Moscow, unilateral production for Sky Italy
          • KHL seasons 2014-2015-2016 matches in Riga, Latvia for Viasat
          • KHL 2012 All-Stars game in HD in Riga for KHL Marketing
          • 2011 – 2016 Luge WC races in Sigulda (Latvia) for FIL/Viasat
          • Cross Country Skiing WC races in Otepää 2008-2015 for Estonian TV
          • 2011 World Championship junior Ski Jumping and Cross Country in Otepää for ERR
          • Baltic League Basketball (in Estonia & Latvia) for Estonian TV and Viasat
          • 2014-2017 Estonian Basketball League coverage for EKL
          • 2014-2016 Speedway World Cup races in Scandinavia and Baltic’s for Multi-Production
          • Figure skating 2011 European Championship in Tallinn for EBU
          • 2010 World Championship Weightlifting SNG services in Misnk for EBU
          • Estonian „Dancing with Stars“ TV show 2010, 2011 season productions for BEC / Kanal2
          • Estonian „Superstar“ TV show seasons 2009, 2010, 2011 finals productions for TV3
          • Estonian „Top Model“ TV show season 2011 productions for Kanal2
          • SNG services during British Elections in London for BBC
          • Estonia-90, President’s Reception and a Concert for Estonian TV
          • Latvia-90, Anniversary concert at Arena Riga for Latvian TV
          • Latvian National Folk and Song Festival in 2008 in Riga
          • Estonian National Folk and Song Festivals in Tallinn for Estonian TV
          • FMX RedBull motoshow in Riga for Eurosport
          • World Cup Ski Jumping in Lahti for Austrian OR